2016: First snow flurries

First day of the new year, and the first snow flurries of the winter are falling.

I just did something that is quite possibly the best thing I could have done for myself to kick off the new year. And quite possibly the dumbest, though my husband was with me, so at least I wasn’t the best/dumbest alone.

Pray tell?

We went for a run in the freezing cold.

The good news is that I didn’t get frostbitten as the snow flurries collided with my face, and I didn’t fall. That’s a plus.

From afar one may have thought, look at those two assholes out here running all, we-resoluted-to-exercise-more. Not us though. We are pre-2016 runners, just trying to take advantage of opportunities to run together since on non-holiday waking hours without my husband’s mother in town, it’s not a possibility since our kids would be left in the dust. At which point, onlookers might call the authorities.

I love blaming my kids for everything. (But only on this blog). In life, they ARE my everything.

But I am taking back my life in 2016. My kids are going to be the side dish to my filet.

Wait a minute, did I just liken myself to a filet?

Yes yes, yes I did. I am a filet.

Not sure if that works or not, but basically, I want to be an expensive and sought-after and respected main course this year.

That’s right. And I don’t care (although I was taught not to say, I don’t care) if that sounds self-righteous because I have already talked to God about it, and he is TOTALLY on my side.

Today as I ran and, once I was able to warm my brain and body a little, I continued ironing out all the thoughts in my brain. My body went into autopilot; my brain untangled last night’s pretzel.

A few thoughts…

  • As speculated, I did not stay awake until midnight. Slept right through that 11:59 p.m – 12:00 a.m. thing.
  • I woke up on the first day of the new year to the first snow feeling RESTED.
  • I woke up feeling like the right season has finally entered my life.
  • I feel like kicking 2016’s ass.
  • This blog is going to help me do that.
  • Right now, it’s a piece of junk until I figure out all the mess that is in my head, but I have faith some important themes will emerge (totally valid use of Ctrl U).
  • Right now, it’s all about getting content on my blog, no matter how unrefined.
  • That’s kind of becoming the point of this blog — to iron out all my thoughts and do something amazing with them and then make people pay me for them.
  • At the moment, and for a while probably, I am platform building and that’s no piece of cake.
  • Does anyone have cake?
  • Or filet?
  • For the purposes of this blog, I am defining myself in a most WIDE OPEN (totally valid use of all caps) way and relieving stress. As time allows I can work on writing and polishing stories and essays that I can submit to parenting magazines or literary magazines or some other suitable publications. Stories and essays that are up to par with my abilities as a writer.
  • But this blog is a disastrous bag-o-fun so far. WAY more fun than the last one because I am letting ‘er rip a little more in this space.
  • I was going to resolute to swear less this year, but for the purposes of this blog I will be swearing in plenty. Bitches!
  • I love my kids. Like a lot.
  • So I don’t want to come across all complainy (made up word) about them on this blog.
  • But I am going to complain when I feel like it.
  • But not to bring anyone down. Just to be real.
  • But. (But what?)
  • I fucking love parentheses (and asides).
  • I say But a lot.
  • I love a good BUT.
  • And a good AND.
  • And FILET.
  • BUT I hate (although I was taught not to say hate) passive voice, though I have a huge problem not doing it intuitively.
  • I love effective run-on sentences. For example…
  • The paragraphs I wrote yesterday about recharging were inspired by a story my friend told me that she had heard or read about, so I can’t take full credit for it, but I adapted it, so I claim it as my original analysis.
  • That’s not plagiarism right? After all I am crediting “her” a day later.
  • I should check one of my out-of-date college handbooks.
  • Or not.
  • I like to live on the wild side like that.
  • Damn, I am violating rules left and right.
  • Anyway, that whole recharging thing makes total sense. I am going to start putting those plastic childproof thingies, that us parents plug into outlets to keep our kids from sticking their fingers in and getting electrocuted, all over my body. I am going walk around all, “Nope, sorry this outlet is unavailable to you.” And you and you and you.
  • I vow to be smarter in 2016. More self-aware. More intentional. More everything.
  • Famous last words on the first day of the new year (valid use of Ctrl I).
  • God, AM I one of those assholes who makes a bunch of dumb resolutions and then throws in the towel on all of them a week later?
  • I am going to kick 2016’s ass.
  • Thank you for coming on this unrefined, irreverent, contradictory, paradoxical, mysterious, grammatically incorrect special journey with me.
  • I have no idea where I am going.
  • Except I kind of do.
  • But I need to keep sailing for a while.
  • Sail Away is my new theme song.
  • Please believe in me.

Until next time, do you see how beneficial running is to the brain? That, and writing a bunch of rambling bullshit, and I feel like a million bucks.

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