Learning as I go

The other day I read an article on Writer’s Digest about platform. The woman who wrote the article, Maria Ribas, discusses the three common author platform mistakes.

The third mistake that she claims — “Unhelpful (blog) posts” — has haunted me.

Pretty much all of my blog posts are unhelpful (to anyone but me, at this point). I am basically playing around and trying not to take myself too seriously. Learning as I go and creating myself along the way is the plan. That is — with purposeful intention. (You’ll see what I mean eventually).

I am someone who is in the VERY early stages of becoming something more  than a recreational blogger, which requires platform building. In doing so, I need content. Unhelpful or not.

I have book ideas stuffed so full in my brain that I actually believe I could pump out a book or two. Which is why mistake #3 is haunting me.

But… screw that (for now). That article was helpful and I’ll keep it in mind, but for now I need to do my own thing. I have to write what’s in my heart and not try to measure up to some standard.

Unless it was self-created. Then it would be totally valid. Duh.


I just read another blog post by one Erica who recently threw away a bunch of her stuff in preparation for a move. She said she feels, “so much lighter, calmer, more organized, and collected.”

Last fall I started doing some of this emotional/sentimental cleansing myself, but it’s been on hold since November. I am looking forward to doing more of it later in the month. Some way, some how I think ridding myself of some of my past will propel me into my future.

That’s the hope at least.


Tomorrow morning I am attending a writer’s group meeting at the local library. I have gone twice now and found it enjoyable enough to go back a third time. The first time I went I didn’t send in a submission for review, but merely observed the process.

The second time I went to the meeting, I submitted something “safe” and enjoyed the feedback. Earlier this week, I submitted something heavy. It will be interesting to see what kind of feedback I receive. So far, I am not uncomfortable with my submission, but tomorrow I might be singing a different tune.

The group is full of retirees who have time to read and write and critique. They are not at all like me (35, two small kids), who has no time to read and write and critique, but I desperately need feedback and a mentor and the opportunity to connect and maybe meet someone who can help me meet my (in-progress) goals. (And stop writing run-on sentences).

Not sure if I am an idiot or not for thinking something life-changing might come of it, but I’ll wake up early and speed read through all of their articles and jot down as many notes as I can.

You get back from the universe what you put into the universe. I’m a believer.


8 thoughts on “Learning as I go

  1. Love it. I feel like the writing in and of itself is cathartic — if I help someone other than myself – yay! – if not, I feel like it’s enough if it helps me. I am so happy that you’ve found a writing space with like-minded (if not like-lifed) people. I love your quote: “You get back from the universe what you put into the universe. I’m a believer.” Yes, Robin — I’m a believer too!

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    1. You bring up an important point about possibly helping someone else. Sometimes I belittle my thoughts because I think they are useless to anyone else, but when I write from the heart it opens the door to creating connections with others. Thanks for the comment.

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  2. Love it too. Especially the part about de-cluttering. I started the process last year when I was renovating my study but my cupboard is still stuffed full of old teaching notes and other crap. You’ve inspired to have another go at it – maybe one shelf?

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    1. One shelf at a time sounds like a reasonable place to start.

      I’m going to try to go through one or two boxes by the end of the month and see if that jumpstarts the motivation to keep going.


  3. I also wanted to say that I really connected with your comments about unhelpful blog posts. The tag line of my blog used to be ‘helping you to make yourself clear’ until one day I realised that I wasn’t actually helping anyone, I was just posting random thoughts on stuff. One day I bravely asked an anonymous reviewer to look at my blog and their comment was that it would only be of interest to people who actually knew me. I have to say that I took this to heart (how pathetic of me) and decided to change the tag line to something less assertive. I can’t even remember what it is half the time!

    Your blog is actually tremendously helpful because you are open and honest about your struggles and this helps other people feel like they are not alone. You also articulate ideas and feelings that other people are not able to put into words and this is very helpful.

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