A tinge of fall while holding onto summer

When I woke up this morning the weather was in the mid-fifties. For the first time in months I reached for a hoody. I didn’t feel the need to turn on the A/C, my sheets weren’t damp with sweat, I felt a light breeze through an open window, and my skin wasn’t sticky.

Fall is coming.

I have mixed feelings.

Mostly I am excited — I love the changing of the seasons — but I have had such an amazing summer that it is a little daunting to think about letting summer go. Pool time, travel, family visits, festivals, parks, day-trips, and time to ‘just be’ and put aside all the mental work I did last winter and spring have made me feel like a big, bright beach ball lazily bouncing around in the sun. Going way up with glee and floating down, but only to get tapped up again before ever falling to the ground.

I’ve been high, but haven’t quite touched the sky. I’ve been low, but never hit the ground.

Awareness has been my friend.

This week is devoted to my kids and only my kids, though I could not resist the need to hop online and pump out a quick blog post. Writing sustains me. I took a creative nonfiction class over the summer so I did most of my writing during that four-week class. Other than that, my writing has been spotty at best.

I have so much to catch up on the page. I will get to it. But today, instead of giving in to the call and immersing myself in my stories and thoughts, I must get out of the house and go play with the kids.

Instead of cleaning up the kitchen, doing laundry, making a phone call about a bill, responding to emails, working on essays, running on the treadmill, changing sheets… I say, fuck it.

We’re going to the fair.

Look out crazy crowds, dirty fair rides, greasy food, plastic toy prizes, face painting, cotton candy, sunshine, strollers, and farm animals… were-a-heading-your-way.

Back to regular writing soon.

Fall is coming.

Kindergarten is coming.

Pre-school is coming.

More free time for me is coming.

But first.

More summer.

More sweat.

More precious time with  my kids.

More sunscreen.

More cowbell at the fair.

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