I’ve thought a lot lately about my priorities. Besides all the normal ones like my family, my health, my sanity, etc… I’m trying to not only find what is most important to me, but to live by those things and focus on only a few priorities and limit all the other “noise” that litters our information overloaded society. (And my head).

On Wednesday, I spent almost three hours going through emails. I have three different email addresses that serve three different purposes in my life. Three email addresses are wonderful (evil) nesting grounds for the aforementioned litter that distracts me from my life.

I set out to get rid of the things that aren’t important to me. I unsubscribed to almost thirty different groups, stores, businesses, etc that I don’t need to read or know about. If I want to know if there is a sale at Pier 1, I’ll go there. If I want to sign up for a 5K in the area, I’ll search for it myself. If I want to go to a concert, I’ll keep an eye out. If I want to apply for a new credit card, I’ll figure it out on my time… and so on.

It felt so good to clean out all that clutter. Awhile back I was on a kick to clean out my office. That’s all been at rest lately, but it needs another good cleanse, too. I’m sort of obsessed with cleansing now. (My house is at an acceptable place, aside from all the toys my kids infest the place with). The only thing that I don’t seem to be cleansing is my body — all those body cleanses and fad diets that supposedly rid your body of toxins and all that don’t interest me. Clearing my mind does. With a clear mind, I make better food and exercise choices naturally and don’t have to go down the worm whole of the latest food trends.

So… one of my priorities is decluttering. It’s been a standing one. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just an excuse to put off doing important things or procrastinate other things in my life that need tending.

Like writing.

It always comes back to writing… so annoying that I struggle with maintaining a good writing practice and that just when I get in a groove, something changes or I decide to go on hiatus.

Writing is the never-ending ‘thing’ that I want to do, but I always manage to put ‘things’ in front of it. I have to wash the sheets and clean the bathrooms this week. I better clean up all the toys scattered in my house. I should really chop up vegetables. (I LOVE chopping up vegetables… peeling carrots and cutting open peppers to remove the seeds and then chop, chop, chopping is something I enjoy).

The point is, why am I always putting ‘things’ in front of writing when I really need writing to be a priority to fill up my proverbial cup. The good news is that I am in a writing group that meets monthly this fall. AND I just discovered a five-week writing group for moms. I am hoping these activities will hold me accountable, and that on the side I can get back to blogging regularly.

I also want to write and document more of my kids lives. I have a private space for that and I want to start writing down our stories more and including pictures and keeping up with our day-to-day.

But then that begs the question… what kind of writing is most important?

I write about many things and I have no problem with output (I am a never-ending river of words), so I need to acknowledge that. The problem is it’s not lucrative writing and that’s something that is starting to get under my skin. I also don’t have a big audience for my writing. It’d be nice to get more exposure, but first I need to write something worthwhile.

I have a lot of interests, a lot of ideas, and I am never bored or short on stories to write about… I write in my head all day long… I just need to hone in on what’s most interesting and relatable and figure out how to discard the rest of the noise.

Going through my emails is a start, next up is doing some real WRITING (I have a possible story ready for submission if I can meet a 9/30 deadline!), then I want to revamp my office.

I’ll get there. (I always say that and I believe it… and no sooner it’s onto the next thing… ha!). Just gotta keep all my ideas manageable and attainable.

Priorities. I’m really thinking about mine. Simplifying my life is probably a good place to start. Then I need to let my writing juices flow to somewhere beautiful.

First, I better go fold laundry and chop vegetables and pick up toys.

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