In going through some papers in my office I found a giant sticky note where I listed my 2016 resolutions. All two of them.

They were:

  1. See more movies.
  2. Swear more. Or less? Not sure.


I’d now like to take a moment to celebrate. I accomplished my resolutions!!

Thanks to Amazon Prime and going to the theatre a few times, I was well entertained in 2016, which coupled nicely with all the mental and emotional work I did. Movies were a wonderful escape and I didn’t have to think much. Sometimes I even fell asleep mid-movie!


Oh the swearing.

Let me tell you, I totally swore more in 2016. Like A LOT more. It was an emotionally turbulent year for me, and with emotional turbulence came a lot of choice words. Not because I lack eloquence, but because sometimes only a “Fucccckkkkkk!!” did the trick in times of sadness and anger.

One thing I have noticed is that my swearing is much worse when my kids aren’t around, but that’s not hard to figure. I do not swear in front of them. It’s a big time rule for me, though I know they hear it from others on an occasion. Ahem, my Dad. Which brings me to another point. I DO come by swearing honestly. My Dad is a champion swearer.

Over the holidays I accidentally broke a dish and I screamed, “Shittttttt!” really loud. I couldn’t control it. But then I felt bad because I am pretty sure my son heard it. Oh well though, the other day he said “dammit” when he couldn’t get his glove on and I was like, “Whaaaaat did you say?” Then I asked him where he learned it from. He told me Ben on the playground. I don’t know who Ben is, but I don’t like him. If anyone is going to teach my kids to swear it’s going to be me. But in like ten years!

So yeah… 2017!! Three days in. I’ve been working on some resolutions, much more defined than last year and I’d like to share them here once I finish them.

Until then, here are two:

  1. Swear less.
  2. Read more books.

That’ll do it for today.

Happy New Year!



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