New train, new conductor

To put it mildly, I’ve had ‘issues’ with my Dad in the past.

But on December 30, 2016 as he and I talked on the phone about the new year, he said to me, “Robin you are on a new train with a new conductor.”

He meant that I was the conductor, of course, driving my own shiny new train. His remark surprised me. For as much as he’s hurt me in the past, he still loves in a profound way and he STILL see things about me that I don’t. I’ve always known he loves me, but he’s put me through some shitty things. Yet he knows and sees how far I have come.

His comment was the nicest thing he said to me all year. He acknowledged me in an unexpected way and it touched me and it made me happy.

I told him that I’ve done a lot of healing and growing up in 2016, and I’ve shed a lot of tears in the process. I’m so glad that I was able to say this to him and that he was on the other line listening.

When we hung up I thought about a post, Joy Trainthat I wrote last year. Just now, I re-read it. I wrote it on January 18, 2016. Almost one year ago to the day.

Oh life, you are too good to be true.

I’ve come so far in a year. Time to put on more crimson-colored lipstick and, I hope, pull out of the station on an intentional path that works for me and maintain the stability to see the sights with all of my favorite people.

Choo choo.

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