April is the promise that May will keep

I saw that line on a church marquee yesterday — “April is the promise that May will keep.”

The temp outside is 36 degrees with snow flurries in the forecast. This isn’t entirely abnormal. Seems like there are always a few cold days in early spring.

Along the same lines as that line, my friend says, “April breaks your heart.”

Today, yes.

But we had some nice, sunny days earlier in the week and it’s supposed to drastically change back to that over the weekend and into next week. And ideally, stay that way.

The kids and I got outside a lot Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. A few walk home from school that allowed us to inspect the buds on the trees, biking with friends, the first skinned up knees of the season, and even a little sunscreen.

In tandem with this, I have been on tear cleaning my house. It happens to many this time of year — spring cleaning. But I’ve taken my cleaning well beyond scrubbing and mopping, I’ve been de-cluttering like a mad woman. Every cupboard, closet, nook, and cranny has been under scrutiny. What needs to go? A LOT. Wintertime brings out hoarding because we’re coming into the house all the time, with limited time outside the house. All that ‘inside’ causes messes and clutter and piled up kid art and projects.

I am happy to say that the entire upstairs of my house has been de-cluttered and cleaned (minus my office, the impossible). From a dead mouse under the sink to dust bunnies underneath the bed and china cabinet, it has been out with the un-needed and ‘in’ with nothing. I don’t need or want anything extra coming into my house this season.

Part of my rage against the dirt and clutter in my house, has included going through all of our clothes. Winter clothes in the back of the closet, summer clothes in the front. I also eliminated piles of my no-longer-worn and un-needed clothes and shoes. I’m going to need a U-haul to take all the stuff around the house to Goodwill next week.

I went through the kids clothes too — what might fit them next year? What needs to go? What has holes in it? What clothes do I have from last summer? What shirts and shorts did I buy on clearance at the end of summer last year? Who needs a bathing suit?

I have the answer — we don’t need anything. We’re good.

One of my 2017 intentions was — SIMPLICITY. I’ve taken that one step further and it’s evolved into — Make use of what I have. There’s nothing else I need.

Today is my ‘long day’ while the kids are at school. My daughter stays for lunch on Friday’s, so the day offers me a big chunk of time. On the agenda today:

  1. Go for a much-needed run. Just like the buds that are working hard to pop up from the ground and open, my legs and body crave MOVEMENT and circulation. Winter time is full of dormancy. It’s actually one of the things that make the seasonal shifts in the northeast so noteworthy. There is a new sense of light and hope and everyone can feel it. I went running outside on Monday and my shoulders opened, my chest shined out, my legs felt challenged with the promise of a healthy summer.
  2. Clean up and organize my junk room. All of the unwanted items upstairs during my cleanse either went in the trash or in the junk room until I box it up and get it out of the house. I also need to organize my holiday decorations and finish packing them away in their respective bins. The decorations are fairly organized but the holidays upon holidays get me behind.

When it is time to pick the kids up and as I move into the weekend, I am going to breath in the fresh air. In with the new, metaphorically speaking, and the sun and the light. Breath out the old and the cold and the dark.

Next week there will be floors to mop and dirt to vacuum out of my car and the dog’s beds to wash. But I have no doubt April will make a lot of promises. Easter, that falls late this year, will arrive with more decorations, eggs, chicks, food, family, and I hope, I really hope, no snow.



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