Calmer, less scattered

“Hey guys, Duke peed in my room,” said my little boy at god knows what hour of the night.

I got out of bed and cleaned up dog pee.

Now one would think it was not a great way to start the day, and really it’s not, but the thing is, when it comes right down to it, it is not a big deal. It’s only dog pee.

So a new day begins.

I went to yoga last night and it felt really good. I pushed myself more than I usually do in one pose, pigeon pose, in particular. As I challenged myself I knew I was loosening up negative energy. Yoga is a wonderful thing.

This morning I have a writer’s group meeting. It’ll be nice to see everyone and do some writing within that community. It’ll help prep me for the conference too. No one else in the group is going, but I know I’ll have to chance to talk about it.

It’s funny as I sit here and type, I am trying to think of all the scattered thoughts I was having yesterday and nothing major comes to mind. I won’t rehash, but obviously the transition to summer is the catalyst. That’s it. I have recognized and acknowledged it. Now I need to stop panicking about it and let it happen.

I wrote a card yesterday that I need to put in the mailbox. It gave me such a lift because I concentrated while I wrote and used my best penmanship. While I was writing I was only focused on ONE thing and when I finished I felt accomplished. Something so small, but it’s amazing how good it feels to start and finish something. So much of life is one big never-ending circus. You can either join the circus, watch from the stands, or not go to the circus at all. Everyday is a choice and as long as you rest at the end of everyday you can approach each day anew.

I bought my daughter a box of stationary a few weeks ago. She has been writing (or rather, drawing) a lot of letters lately too. It’s fun and definitely something we can do more of this summer. In the afternoon I painted her fingernails, five different colors inspired by her friend. As I painted I realized how good it felt to focus, to paint. Kind of like writing that letter but focusing in a different way.



I’d say it is no coincidence that it is one of my 2017 ‘words’. I need keep it at the forefront until I can settle back into a new routine. Or at least be mindful that maybe there is no one set routine this summer, and I’ll just have to focus on a day or two at a time.

I think I am ready to shake things up — AND embrace the days ahead.

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