My email inbox and a new recipe

Email and recipes have nothing to do with each other, but I am going to touch on both in the post because I am too lazy to write separate posts and both topics are demanding written attention.


  1. Email.

My sister-in-law told me one time that her goal at the end of everyday is to have an empty inbox (she works at a bank). She said it doesn’t always happen but she keeps her inbox as close to zero as she can get, addressing matters immediately. I told her, Wow that must feel pretty good at the end of the day to feel like you are ‘all caught up.’ She nodded. It’s kind of been a goal of me because she and I share certain personality similarities and I could see the appeal of her approach. If I have 20-30 emails in my inbox that’s usually good for me. (I archive the rest into categorized folders because it makes me feel organized). Twenty-thirty emails doesn’t mean that I have that many to respond to, it’s more a combo of: 1) need to read, 2) need to think about (and this is the one that gets me, not good to have so much to think about!), 3) need to respond to, 4) forgot to delete. Something like that. Well anyway in the midst of me being overwhelmed a bit, especially on Monday, last night I was ‘catching up’ on some things and suddenly noticed that my inbox was dwindling. (FYI I have had upwards of 50 emails in my inbox on/off,waaaaay to many). I kept plugging away, taking a close look at what I could address or simply archive and PUT IT OUT OF MY MIND, and suddenly my inbox is down to FOUR messages. Two I need to put some thought into a non-immediate response, one that I need to respond to after the weekend, and one that I need to re-read and decide if I need to respond. You might imagine how good this felt to see such an empty inbox this morning. Ahhhhhh-Mazing! I cannot wait to tell my sister-in-law. This summer I am going for no more than 5-10 emails in my inbox. Deal with shit, move on.

(NOTE: I have multiple email accounts so this won’t hold true for all of them, but for my main email I think this is really going to help keep my mind clearer).

(NOTE 2: I always wonder what other people’s email inbox personality is because I know some people don’t ever delete or archive, they just keep on rolling).

  1. New recipe

After moping about being in a food rut multiple times this week, I made a meal from a new recipe last night! Well actually I think I may have made it one time before, but it was a lonnnnnnnng time ago.

When cooking last night I forgot how much I DO enjoy the task when I make the time to immerse myself. When I put forth the effort. A little after 5 p.m. I put on water to boil for penne pasta. Simultaneously I browned chicken in sun-dried tomato dressing. When the water boiled I cooked the pasta as directed. When the chicken was done I removed it from the pan, wiped out the pan as directed. I poured chicken broth, more sun-dried tomato dressing, garlic, and pepper back into the pan and brought it to a boil. I added 4 oz of cream cheese until it melted. Last I added two cups of cherry tomatoes and cooked for 3 more minutes. By then the pasta was cooked and drained. I poured it into the pan, stirred it around, added the chicken, a 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese, and basil. Voila!! Dinner was served and on the table.

I made a total mess while cooking, which is hard for me sometimes. I like the counters wiped and garbage in the garbage and all the food/spices put away as soon as I am done with them, but I let that all go and thought about my cousin who is an amazing cook and how she trashes her kitchen night after night without concern because it all leads up to an amazing meal.

After we ate I spent some time cleaning up the kitchen, but it felt good. Not as good as eating two portions of the meal and watching my husband marvel (the kids hated it, whatever), but good in that I had accomplished something and felt inspired to try a few other new recipes.


Life feels manageable to me again. All part of this continuous ride I am on. I am going to try hard to be mindful about not putting too much on our plates this summer and schedule self-care into my day. Blogging is helping me with that. ‘Writing it out’ is a wonderful thing.


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