Walk On

Historically I have been a consistent runner. The running began when I was in high school, not long distances but enough. I ran on and off in college and after. Got away from it for a bit, only running very occasionally. Not enough to be in great shape. Those were the smoking days. Eventually I told myself, Look you are either going to be a smoker or a runner. You can’t be both. I made the right choice.

Last weekend I ran a marathon relay. My leg was a four mile run, three of which were a huge incline. I reasonably trained for it. Nothing too stressful, but I ran enough to keep me in the game. Having an event on the calendar is always good motivation to lace up my sneakers. The marathon was last weekend, and I had a fantastic run. I was really pleased after the event was over.

After a race is over there is always that decision moment. Do I keep doing what I’ve been doing? Train for something else? Take a break? I decided for the first time, I am going to try WALKING for exercise (in addition to yoga). I started on June 1 and the plan is to wake up at 6 a.m. like I always do, but instead of turning on my computer I am going to put on my sneakers, walk out the front door and walk for about 45 minutes in my neighborhood. I’ll do this M-F throughout the month of June and see what it feels like. So far so good. I am even having time a little FOCUSED time to write after my morning walk!

I’m interested to see if my running legs will be satisfied with the walking. In part I can feel them itching to run, but on the other hand it kind of feels nice to mindfully feel my legs carrying me at a slower pace and concentrate on my leg strength and form and less on my breathing. My neighbor joined me the last two mornings. I thought it’d be nice to have a companion. I don’t need the accountability. When I say I am going to do something, I do it. I invited her because I know she’s constantly trying to fit exercise into her life with little success. Her kids are younger than me, she’s younger, less experience in life balance. It’s fine walking with her, but I do have one complaint. She walks slow! Today wasn’t as bad as yesterday, but I hope I don’t regret having her along. I don’t think she’ll walk with me everyday this month so I guess I’ll focus on pace when she isn’t with me and conversation when she is. And since this self-proclaimed plan is only for a month I shouldn’t be so rigid.

This Saturday I am considering a run. Maybe just one run a week. Yoga once a week. Walking five days a week. I don’t know. My exercise routine is pretty changeable. I will say, I do consistently exercise but it varies. Seasons are a big part of the variation. I decided to try walking in order to get me off the computer first thing in the morning and enjoy the daylight and milder temps.

I’m constantly trying to be my best self these days, but sometimes it’s hard due to life’s distractions and restrictions. Really it’s quite simple though, good health boils down to three things:




Everyone knows this, but it is hard not to fall of the wagon when there are sweets and drinks and work and kid’s up at night and poor day planning and energy lows that we all have to contend with.

But I repeat…




If I can get those three things to align every single day I think it’s the next step to my success.

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