I bought a bike

I bought a bike yesterday. A purple and pink bike. On somewhat of a whim.

I’ve wanted to pick up a new bike somewhere — a yard sale would have done — because the bulky red Trek mountain bike that I’ve had for years is cumbersome and not fit for leisure riding with my kids. I tried to take the damn nuisance to the park about a month ago, and I had a helluva time getting it in the back of our SUV and trying to fit my daughter’s bike with training wheels in there too. Now of course a bike rack would solve that problem, but the Trek is just too much bike for me. Plus my husband has taken to riding it lately and that leaves me bike-less.

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Summer writing, exercise, and travel 2017

It’s a little weird, this lack of writing over the summer. Good I think, but still a little strange. I’ve been pretty carefree about it. Taking a step back was a personal choice. I have plans to pick back up with projects in the fall, but decided that summer was a time to regroup. What’s funny is that not writing hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. Last week I realized why. Because I am healthy!! For the most part at least. I still have my swings and periods when I am completely off-balance, but I am so aware of it and what I can do to counter it. I am more forgiving of myself during these times too. That helps. But not feeling the need to write is eye-opening because writing is just as much a coping mechanism for me as it is a hobby/trade.

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Walk On

Historically I have been a consistent runner. The running began when I was in high school, not long distances but enough. I ran on and off in college and after. Got away from it for a bit, only running very occasionally. Not enough to be in great shape. Those were the smoking days. Eventually I told myself, Look you are either going to be a smoker or a runner. You can’t be both. I made the right choice.

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Calmer, less scattered

“Hey guys, Duke peed in my room,” said my little boy at god knows what hour of the night.

I got out of bed and cleaned up dog pee.

Now one would think it was not a great way to start the day, and really it’s not, but the thing is, when it comes right down to it, it is not a big deal. It’s only dog pee.

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Jumpy thoughts going every which way

My dryer broke last night. The damn thing is almost 15 years old. No big loss and I knew it was coming, but now I am tasked with buying a new one. My washer is even older than the dryer and still working, but it’s only a matter of time before that’ll fail on me too. I told my husband last night we need to buy a new washer/dryer this weekend, because even though I enjoy going to the laundry mat to wash dog beds and comforters on an occasion, I am not up for weekly trips there. I went last night to dry the load that I was about to put in the dryer.

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