Ugly slippers

One of the items on my wish list for Christmas this year was new slippers. My old ones, that I absolutely LOVE, are falling apart. I thought ‘Santa’ might like to pick out a new pair for me.

On Christmas morning, low and behold, I got new slippers. I opened them all excitedly because I couldn’t wait to see what my new slippers looked like. I couldn’t wait to see what ‘Santa’ chose.

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To-do’s before Christmas

Last night, Sunday night, I couldn’t fall asleep because of all the to-do’s I have fluttering around in my head. I was worrying that I put too much on my plate. Then I worried that even if I do get everything done that I want to this week, my days will be packed. Then I was worrying about how many pre-Christmas moments I might miss out on with my kids because I am so fixated on all the things I have ‘to-do.’ After laying there all busy-minded for a while, I finally got up and took something to help me sleep.

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New York City Christmas

Yesterday my husband and I took a day trip to New York City with his work. Seeing NYC at Christmas time was a treat. The bus dropped us off in Times Square and we had the entire day to spend how we pleased.

We stayed in midtown all day, walking from place to place. We did some shopping, some eating, some seeing and some hand-holding.

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Christmas cactus

To help me get into the Christmas spirit, keep my moods regulated, and fight the winter blues, I am going to try to write a blog post everyday in the month of December. Instead of an Advent Calendar filled with little chocolates (like my kids have), I am going to use blog posts as a way to countdown to Christmas. 


December 1, 2016

Last year my mom gave me a Christmas cactus. I didn’t even know what that was until she presented it to me in a throw-away plastic pot and offered to re-pot it for me. Not one who does well with plants (I grow children, not plants) I poked through some items in the garage to find a ceramic pot. After she made the transfer, I had myself a house plant.

And it lived.

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This Christmas will be better

End of November.

Thanksgiving has passed.

Onto the next holiday — Christmas.

Leading up to Thanksgiving I’ve been dreading the cold and snow. But now that I am getting used to the shorter, darker days and I’ve had my turkey, I can feel the Christmas spirit wrapping its arms around me. The thought of snow doesn’t seem so chilling anymore. Rather, it seems right. ’Tis the season to pull out the sleds.

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