The kids are spending the weekend with my brother and sister-in-law. They did this last year during the first weekend of December, so this is the Second-Annual Aunt/Uncle December Visit for the kids. I’m glad for them. Their aunt and uncle love them so much and they planned a bunch of Christmas stuff to do with them. From what I was told, tomorrow is Gingerbread House making. Good. Good for all of them. One less thing I have to do with the kids. Ha.

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Running to the top of a rolling hill

This morning’s run didn’t take me as far as I wanted it to. In other words, I had to walk part of it. At first this was a huge disappointment, but I soon realized it was better to walk than run through the agony.

When I started out I had a respectable pace, but a clumsy, achy, tired gait. I couldn’t get my groove after a busy weekend full of highs. It didn’t help that I was running along a road less traveled.

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Dangling earrings

On Friday afternoon my two children went to my brother’s house for the weekend. They were going to stay with him and his girlfriend for two nights. Two blissful nights. Lucky them. Gingerbread House building was in the forecast. Lucky me. No one demanding me to play with them and feed them.

As I watched my two most precious possessions leave the nest, I was not sad. I was elated, if not exhausted. It goes without saying, I love my children very much, but they suck the ever-loving life out of me sometimes. Bye-bye for the weekend, kids. Mommy loves you.

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